Depression has increased its burden contribution by 50 percent in the past two decades and is believed to increase further. It is a state of low mood and antipathy towards activities that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, emotions and sense of being well. People with a dispirited mood often relate to words like sad, anxious, worthless etc. The excitement in activities decrease which were once gratifying. Most people have felt melancholic or downhearted at times. Feeling depressed can be a general reaction to loss, life’s struggles, or a distorted self-esteem.

Sometimes, depression can go unrecognized. “Only 10 percent take medications, whereas 90 percent suffer even without knowing” says a source. WHO has stated that depression is likely to become the second prominent reason of death and disability in the world by 2020.


In order to prevent its augmentation, it is important to know whether you suffer from depression or not and for that it is crucial to keep a check on the symptoms. The symptoms may vary in different individuals but these could be the basic foretellers:

* A depressed mood along with a feeling of worthlessness.

*Fatigue, overeating or appetite loss and unsound sleep.

*Remarkably diminished interest in almost all activities.

*Persistent aches or pains like headache or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment.

Now perceptions are, that depression occurs only in a particular stage of life which is nothing but a laxity. These days even children have joined the bandwagon along with teens, youth and of course the elderly. Depression showcases its worst impact on the elderly.


Lifestyle factors are to be blamed for depression. Work pressure is lethal these days along with other elements like lack of self confidence, unrealistic expectations and a nutrient deficient diet. Anything that stresses you mentally can bring you down to depression. The picture shown below explains the complete mechanism behind depression6


It’s important to identify the cause before one seeks treatment. If lifestyle and environmental factors are to be attributed then seeking a psychologist can help you get better. Else, if your low feelings are due to a chemical instability then you will require medical intercession. Regular exercise, proper sleep, social backup, strain reduction and befitting nutrition are a must. Also, ayurvedic treatments, massage therapy, yoga and some herbs are bound to aid. These are now being combined with mainstream treatment and are the first and foremost treatments to be opted for.


The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day was “Dignity in mental health”, which indicates enough of it being a national issue. In India, it is already one of the top five grounds of years lived with disability. Depression alone contributes to around three percent of the aggregate disease burden. Hence, its an urgency to scale up services for treatment of depression by putting the current knowledge base into practice.


Evidently, there’s no why in Depression. One cannot ask why she suffers from a particular disease. Same is the case with depression. It is something you can get rid of over time only by lot’s of hard work. It is a journey in which you discover more about yourself. It exhibits how strong you are, because depression is a war that each individual fights to succeed. It comes and goes, every time you feel it coming back, you need to be inclined to ask for assistance if you can’t manage it on your own. You can certainly defeat depression and don’t unlearn the fact that there is always somebody who treasures you, who desires your best, who will never give up on you.

A closed spiral – Depression!